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The strange case of the iron fold!

Chapter one



Please help me!We are in massive trouble!Oh…. You don’t know what’s going on do you?
I guess I’ll have to explain the situation.Im Jason,student of the successful school St Rhodes.So I guess our story starts with the….CRYING MENACE!! Well, one day,me and my friends,Athena,Luke,Zack,and Declan,were playing handball.All was peaceful… But then something happened…I bet you are thinking what happened?….THE CRYING MENACE HAPPENED THAT’S WHAT!!!He came and started playing handball with us.just when we were starting to like him,
he started crying and crying and crying
and we couldn’t make him stop!So now he plays with us everyday and annoys every day!BUT Zack came in one day,being the origami master he is,he made an origami iron man to help us! He gives us ways to avoid….THE CRYING MENACE….But he ripped it in half!!! So here are all the story’s we collected before iron folds tragic death…



By Zack

Well I was just playing Handball with my friends one day, when I got this guy out,THE CRYING MENACE was coming to play with us! We were really worried because he always ruins the games for us…But then I had an idea! I would ask iron fold what to do!He would know!So I pulled out iron fold and Declan desperately started Asking iron fold “What can I do?!?!?” Iron fold replied”Your group needs to temporarily Disband!” So we all just went away from the handball court and divided up.When the CRYING MENACE came to the handball squares,he didn’t see anybody except me, so he ran up to me and asked” Where are the others?” I said” we disbanded,basically we are not friends anymore!” THE CRYING MENACE started crying and ran away! I put iron fold on my finger and he said” Quick team! Assemble!”So I found my friends and told him about what just happened! they were amazed! iron fold is great! We all love him!

Jason’s comment:Well unfortunately THE CRYING MENACE found out it was a hoax and came back….

Chapter 3

by Declan

Iron Fold sucks!!He has never helped me ever! Fine Jason, I’ll tell you my story.It all started when I Punched Zack In the Face.He is so annoying!! He always says mean jokes about me!So the teachers all came when I did, and I got taken to detention.Well I was really Mad,And I was wondering how the heck I was gonna stop getting detention,But then it came to me! I would ask Iron Fold! He knows what to do! So at recess I asked Zack if I could ask Iron fold a question.he said of course.i asked my Question And Iron fold replied “You need to chill out more! your always Serious,Like my secretary,Pepper Potfold!” We’ll this answer really annoyed me Because he didn’t really answer my question.So i Shouted ” This Is another joke isn’t it!!” I was so annoyed That I punched him in the stomach!!.But then the teacher found me again! I was in detention all week!
iron fold Doesn’t work!!But this Kid,He said his name was Callum,He said did I want revenge on Zack.I replied yes and I went with him into Homeroom……

Jason’s comment : This was quality advice! Declan is always panicking about something or crying or something like that.If he had listened to iron folds advice The tragic death of iron fold would have never happened !

Zacks comment: I only made one joke and Declan freaked out on me!!

Chapter four

iron fold and metroid prime hunters

by Athena

I was skeptical about iron fold at first.I mean,Zack made him! He always pulls pranks and makes crackpot jokes and stuff. But then it hit me! Ive been stuck on the same game for weeks now! Its called Metroid Prime Hunters. Theres this one level that always…. ARGGGGHHHH!!!! So to test its credibility,i asked it a few questions.”Soo… Zack….Can I ask Iron fold a question?” It wasn’t even worth asking.He already had it in his hand.”Hi….” So-”   I started but then “You take a left turn at the lava and shoot the door,take a right turn and then jump in lava okay?” He had already answered my question!! ” OK………. thanks…” I ran off and tried it on my new 3DS. AND IT WORKED!! Since that day i was completely amazed!!! I never doubted the iron fold ever again.

Jasons comment: Well it was pretty amazing….But the miracles would soon end…..

Zacks comment: IROOOOooooOooooOOOOoOOOoNnnnNN FooOoOoOoOoOOoOOoOoOoLlLlLlLlDDddDDdDDdD!!!!!!!!


By Zack.

Coming soon!!


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    Going to continue, or what?

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